On-Site Services

We provide some on-site lab work such as  blood glucose and protime testing and management. as well as run urinalysis, electrocardiogram (EKG), echocardiograms (ultrasound of the heart), and pulmonary function testing for immediate results and treatment.  

Preventative Services

We also perform Medicare Annual Wellness Exam, Sports, and Annual Physical Exams as well Gynecologic exams.  

Preventative exams look for any type of physical or metabolic abnormality that may exists. Early detection and treatment help to reduce the long term effects of diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. 
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We are contracted with the following Insurance Companies:

Anthem Blue Cross (Most products, please verify with our carrier)
Blue Shield of California (Standard, please verify with your plan)
Great-West Healthcare
QualCare IPG- Medicare Advantage HMO
Medicare-Traditional and most Medicare Advantage PPOPlans (go to Medicareandyou.com for more information)
 Medicare Supplement Insurances
 United Health Care PPO

Please Note: Due to yearly contractual and/or policy changes with most of these insurance plans, this list is subject to revisions at any time. If your insurance is not listed, or if you are in doubt as to which plans are currently accepted please contact your insurance carrier directly.

Keep Active
Movement is medicine for creating change in a person's physical, emotional, and mental states.
                                                -Carol Welch 
Hospital Priviledges:

Dr. Sam is dedicated to the highest quality of healthcare and will provide healthcare services in and out of the office setting to his patients from consulting with ER Doctor to treatment in the ICU.  He will also follow your care in Rehabilitaion Centers and Skilled Nursing Facilites.*  He is on call 24 hours a day.

Dr. Sam has admitting priviledges at the following hospitals:

Adventist Health (formerly, San Joaquin Community Hosp)
Bakersfield Heart Hospital*
Bakersfield Memorial Hospital *
Mercy Downtown*
 Mercy Southwest Hospitals*

*Please Note:  Members of QualCare IPG and County of Kern County insurance carriers are contracted with a group of physicians called Hospitalist.  These physicians have a contract with your insurance to provide services in the hospital setting from admission to discharge.  Your Primary Care Physician is not a part of that contract. For more information please contact your carrier prior to any hospitalization.   
Nothing is More Important To Us Than Your Health 
During this time of National social distancing due to the COVID-19 our office is providing Telemedicine consultations only for current patients. The visit will be conducted via electronic communication to interact with Dr. Sam with non-recorded real-time video +voice meetings hosted by Zoom.us. This will allow us to continue your medical care, advice and assurance during this time. All appointments will be conducted in this manner for the safety of our patients and staff. Should you need medical advice from our office please have the Zoom.us app installed on any computer or smart device prior to your appointment time.  

All existing confidentiality protections under federal and California law apply to information used or disclosed during this consultation. This service will be in effect until the National order is lifted. 

​Please visit these websites for more information: